Annihilation: Scourge Alpha #1 Annihilation: Scourge Alpha #1 - Written by Matthew Rosenberg. Art by Juanan Ramirez. Cover by Josemaria Casanovas. Variant cover by Alex Garner. Variant cover by Ron Lim. Variant cover by Ariel Olivetti.


Something is stirring in the Negative Zone...something that the Marvel Universe isn't ready for!

Will Nova be able to assemble a team powerful enough to tackle this burgeoning threat, or is it already too late to stop its descent upon the galaxy?

For the Cosmos's greatest heroes, ANNIHILATION is only the beginning...

Rated T+ - 40 pgs./One-Shot/$4.99 - On Sale November 20th

Annihilation: Scourge Nova #1 Annihilation: Scourge Nova #1 - Written by Matthew Rosenberg. Art by Ibraim Roberson. Cover by Josemaria Casanovas. Variant Cover by Eduard Petrovich.

The universe hangs in peril!

With no room for old grudges, Nova is forced to team up with one of his most nefarious adversaries - ANNIHILUS!

But can Richard Rider trust the ruler of the Negative Zone to fight alongside him - or will this turn into a war with two fronts?

Rated T+ - 40 pgs./One-Shot/$4.99 - On Sale December 4th

Champions by Jim Zub v2 TPB Champions by Jim Zub v2 TPB - Written by Jim Zub. Art by Steven Cummings. Cover by Kim Jacinto.

The future of the Champions hangs in the balance!

The War of the Realms is over - but its effect on the Champions has shaken the team to its very core!

Meanwhile, Sam Alexander's mission in space takes an unexpected turn. Will he find redemption - or is this the last ride for the human rocket?

Fear, doubt and deception - the Champions' ideals are about to be tested, and not everyone will make the grade.

And as tensions rise, the Freelancers return! But who has betrayed the Champions, and who can they trust?

Miles Morales returns - but will it be in time to save his friends?

The next generation of heroes made a vow to do better. Now they have to live up to it.

Collecting CHAMPIONS (2019) #7-11.

Rated T+ - 112 pgs./$15.99 - On Sale December 4th

Series #3 - NOVA #7
Cover Date: November 1999
Writer: Erik Larsen
Artist: Joe Bennett
Inker: Alpuente & Milgrom
Cover Artists: Larsen & Panosian
Letterers: Sharpefont & PT/JC
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Editor: Ruben Diaz
Cover Title: "A Taste Of Venom!"
Story Title: "The End Of Nova The Human Rocket"

Red Raven and his army of Avian warriors have begun their attack on the human populace and the Condor! Nova intercepts them at the prison holding the Condor and begins battling Red Raven. Red Raven reveals to his foe that he had faked his death many years ago to held keep the Avian race hidden. However, human abuse of the atmosphere has forced him and the Avians to seek vengence.

Nova tells Red Raven he understands his anger but violence is not the answer. The Human Rocket attempts to convince the Avian leader to use their advanced technology to help fix the atmosphere instead of using it to create war. Their conversation is interrupted by the Avian creation, Bi-Beast. Before he can attack Nova, Red Raven commands him to halt. The Avian commends Nova on the wisdom of his words and orders a cease of hostilities. As the Avians depart, Nova tells Condor he's safe...for now. The Human Rocket flies off to work at Marvel Burgers.

Outside of Marvel Burgers, Nova changes back to Rich Rider. Inside, Rich meets his two college roommates, Bernie Dillon and Roger "Caps" Cooper. They are watching a televised news report about a super-villain named the Kangaroo. It has been discovered that Kangaroo (Brian Hibbs) had been posing as a major league baseball player named Billy Bob Jenks. As a result of this revelation, the baseball commissioner has ruled super-humans are not allowed to play in the major leagues. The minor league and college teams have also adopted the rule. Rich announces that his college baseball career is over. He had been feeling guilty about being on the team and is happy with the new rule.

Later, Rich is on a date with fellow ESU student, Jennifer Smith. It turns out to be a disaster as Rich realizes he has nothing in common with her. After the date, he flies over to the home of his former girlfriend, Ginger Jaye. Ginger tells Rich she has sold her house and has decided to have her baby. She's also going to give up the baby for adoption upon birth. Rich holds Ginger and tells her he'll be right there beside her.

Some time later, Nova arrives at the headquarters of the New Warriors. His teammate, Speedball, tells Nova that Marvel Comics wants to talk to him about a comic book series based on his adventures. Rich is overjoyed and immediately flies to Marvel's offices. At Marvel, the Human Rocket meets the Nova creative team; Ruben Diaz, Joe Bennett and Erik Larsen. Diaz asks him if he is still a member of the New Warriors. Trying to impress them, Nova says the Nova in the Warriors is a different hero (Kid Nova) inspired by him. The group goes to lunch at The Brazilian restaurant to discuss the comic. During the course of their discussion, Nova is asked to list his main foes. As he begins to list them, Venom crashes in through the window!

Nova and Venom begin a furious battle which carries over into the streets of New York City. As they continue to fight, Venom tells Nova his reason for wanting to kill him. He reveals that his sister, Mary, was the woman injured during Nova's battle with the Quintronic Man. Nova explains that what happened to Mary was an accident. Despite Nova's attempts to reason with him, Venom continues to attack. Nova realizes reasoning with Venom is not going to work and takes action.

He grabs his foe and carries him into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Venom knocks himself free and plummets toward the ground. Nova offers to help but is refused. Venom lands in the water near an uninhabited island. Nova decides to leave Venom stranded alone on the island where he can't harm anyone.

Later, at Marvel Comics, the Nova creative team is trying to gain approval for the Nova comic book. The Editor-In-Chief, Bob Harras, rejects the idea due to Nova's history of losing his powers. He's afraid Nova may lose them again and they wouldn't have any more story ideas. However, Harras tells Nova that he would be interested in a New Warriors comic with the Nova imitator!

Back at their apartment, Roger "Caps" Cooper tells Rich he gets to stay on the baseball team. Rich congratulates him and he tells his friends some good news about Ginger. He has talked to his parents and they have agreed to let Ginger and the baby stay with them.

In another part of the city, their antics are being watched by a man known only as the Reanimator. He is surrounded by robots and swears Nova will soon perish at his hands!

The story continues in Wolverine #149.

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