Guardians of the Galaxy #5 Guardians of the Galaxy #5 - Written by Al Ewing. Art by Juann Cabal. Cover by Ivan Shavrin.

Moondragon is a hero. With her wife at her side, she came to our reality from a dimension of heroes - to save us all from evil.

But our reality already had a Moondragon, and she can't be a hero all the time.

The DRAGON OF THE MOON has returned...and it won't leave until it's fed on a soul. Didnít we say it could always get worse?

Rated T+ - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale August 5th

Guardians of the Galaxy #6 Guardians of the Galaxy #6 - Written by Al Ewing. Art by Marcio Takara. Cover by Rafael Albuquerque.

As old tensions explode in the far-off Earth System, the political map of the galaxy is redrawn.

Meanwhile, old friends and lovers must redraw the maps of themselves - or tear them up entirely.

He used to be the Human Rocket. Now he's the Human Wreck. Is there any coming back for Nova?

Rated T+ - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale September 2nd

Champions #1 Champions #1 (of 5) - Written by Eve L. Ewing. Art by Simone Di Meo. Cover by Toni Infante. Variant Cover by Pasqual Ferry. Variant Cover by Simone Di Meo. Marvel Zombies Variant Cover by Kaare Andrews. Variant Cover by Ron Lim. Variant Cover by Peach Momoko.


A law is passed that goes against everything Ms. Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man founded the Champions for...But the world still needs heroes, even if the world doesn't want them right now.

After Ms. Marvel makes an unexpected and emotional announcement that her team won't go down without a fight, a group of teen vigilantes gathers to plan their next move. But the C.R.A.D.L.E. task force is hot on their trail, and there's a spy in their midst...

Eve L. Ewing (IRONHEART, OUTLAWED) and Simone Di Meo (IMMORTAL HULK: THE BEST DEFENSE and VENOM: ACTS OF EVIL) team up for a dramatic new era of Champions that will define Marvel's teen heroes for years to come!

Rated T+ - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale October 7th

Nova #31
Cover Date: January 2010
Release Date: November 4, 2009
Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Artist: Andrea DiVito
Colorist: Bruno Hang
Letterer: VC's Cory Petit
Assistant Editors: Michael Horwitz & Rachel Pinnelas
Editor: Bill Rosemann
Cover Artist: Brandon Peterson
Title: "Most Wanted"

Last year, two days after the end of the Skrull Invasion of Earth, the scientists of Project Pegasus celebrates with a picnic in honor of Nova and the Nova Corps.

Watching the festivities from the top of a building, Darkhawk looks up to see his friend, Richard Rider, floating and holding hot dogs. Rich asks his fellow former New Warrior if he is doing okay. Chris Powell confides to his friend that he feels he will never become the hero that Rich has. Nova assures Darkhawk that they both helped stop the Skrulls and that he has no reason to feel sorry for himself. Richard also reminds him that he had to go through the Annihilation War to get where he is and to be careful about what he wishes for.

In the present, Nova Prime is receiving a psychic message from Gladiator instructing him to capture Darkhawk (who has been spotted in the vicinity) for his role in the death of the Shi'Ar Majestrix Lilandra Nerimani.

Nova is approaching the Outworld Shard and instructs the WorldMind to stop the message feed. The computerized sentience reminds the Earth hero that the shard is about to be destroyed as it nears the Fault and he needs to return to the Resolute Duty.

Richard Rider is determined to find and save his friend and does not accept that Chris is a murderer. Suddenly, Darkhawk flies past Nova at supersonic speed! Rich's visor scan shows that Darkhawk's armor has been upgraded especially his flight mode. As he attempts to talk to Chris, Nova Prime is surprised as Chris Powell suddenly turns downward at a ninety degree angle!

The two former New Warriors begin a chase through the crystalline shard. The WorldMind warns Richard that the shockwave of his flight is causing the unstable environment to collapse. Suddenly, the canyon walls crumble and bury Nova underneath! As Darkhawk turns to check on Rich, Nova Prime comes bursting from the debris and slams into him. Chris Powell breaks loose from his friend's grip and tries to fly away. Before he can get very far, Richard Rider blasts him with an energy beam.

Six hours earlier, on the Resolute Duty, Probationer Fraktur is complaining about his reduction in rank to Millennian. His fellow Probationer, Morrow, points out that at least the original recruits got to keep that rank. The other Nova Corps members have been reduced in rank and powers to Corpsman.

Their discussion is interrupted by the new trainer, Centurion Zan Philo. He tells his students that they will be training with a Fightstick. Fraktur confronts Zan and tells him that she is offended by her new uniform and rank. The Centurion makes the Probationer a deal. If she can hit him, even once, he will reinstate her back to the Centurion rank.

She agrees and launches herself towards her trainer. Philo easily sidesteps her attack. Fraktur quickly whips her tail around in an attempt to catch her target off-guard. The Centurion simply ducks below the tail and stands in front of her as she attempts to hit him with both fists.

Suddenly, Fraktur finds herself unable to move! Zan explains that, while she was trying to attack him, he created a high-yield gravimetric field around her. With Fraktur helpless, Zan Philo blasts her with a compressed grav pulse which knocks her to the floor unconscious. Philo turns to Rich and asks him if that was the type of training he was looking for. Nova Prime, stunned at the Centurion's mastery of the Nova Force, quickly agrees.

Later, the Resolute Duty enters the Shard System. Due to its proximity to the Fault, the planet has begun collapsing into the space/time rift. The WorldMind informs Nova Prime that the area is uninhabited except for a Kree archaeological team which has already been evacuated. The artificial sentience also confirms that Darkhawk has been hiding in the vicinity. Rich leaves Zan in charge while he goes to the surface to find Darkhawk.

Back in the present, Nova is holding Chris down with a gravimetric force beam. Rich and his former ally talk about Darkhawk's alleged crimes. Chris Powell doesn't think Rich will believe his story but Nova convinces the former New Warrior to trust him. Before Darkhawk can explain his situation, the ground beneath them cracks open and an enormous plant-like lifeform bursts out! The WorldMind explains that it is a Xeno-Cellular Bloom that has come through the Fault. Before Nova's stunned eyes, the bloom begins hatching a large number of small creatures with sharp teeth!

Back on the ship, Probationer/Millennian Irani Rael asks Nova Prime if they should come down to help. He orders everyone to stay on the Resolute Duty since they are evacuating the shard immediately.

The WorldMind appears and informs Nova that it is receiving a distress signal from the Kree archaeologists who didn't evacuate as previously believed. Nova and Darkhawk go back to the shard and locate the stranded scientists. However, the Bloom's offspring have also found the Kree team and begin to attack. Nova and Darkhawk use high energy beams to cut the creatures in half! Rich instructs the archaeologists to get into their survival tent and pressurize it. He will carry them to the Resolute Duty while Darkhawk provides protection. One of the Kree informs Nova that their lead scientist is still in the catacombs. Chris Powell tells Rich to take the tent to orbit and he'll find the lead scientist.

Down in the catacombs, the Kree scientist hears and answers Darkhawk's call. While he waits to be rescued, the Kree turns to see a floating green crystal! The crystal calls to him and he reaches out to touch it.

Meanwhile, in space, the Probationers meet Nova Prime and assist in taking the survival tent to safety. Richard Rider flies back to the catacombs to find Darkhawk and the scientist. However, he only finds someone in an armor similar to Chris Powell's. Rich mistakenly believes it is Chris and is caught off-guard by an energy blast! Stunned, Nova Prime turns to see the real Darkhawk flying to help him. Unfortunately, Richard believes it is the same person who attacked him. Before a fight can start between the two, Chris tells Nova that he wasn't the person who attacked him and points to the real attacker. Their foe is a being named Raptor and he is the one who killed Lilandra. Before they can regroup, Raptor unleashes a high energy blast on the two former New Warriors!

Back on the Resolute Duty, the WorldMind informs Zan Philo and the Probationers that Nova Prime's vital signs have disappeared and that the planet shard has disintegrated!



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