Guardians of the Galaxy #1 Guardians of the Galaxy #1 - Written by Donny Cates. Art by Geoff Shaw. Cover by David Marquez. Wraparound Variant Cover by Geoff Shaw. Variant Cover by Ron Lim. Variant Cover by Gerald Parel. Variant Cover by Steve Skroce. Variant Cover by Skottie Young. Variant Cover by TBA. Hidden Gem Variant Cover by Bernie Wrightson. Party Variant Cover by TBA. Premiere Variant Cover by David Marquez. Black Variant Cover Also Available.


The universe is on fire. Hundreds of worlds are at war. Never has there been such hatred and division across the cosmos.

And in spite of all this, Thanos of Titan is still dead...or is he?

Now, more than ever, the cosmos need the Guardians of the Galaxy...but in the aftermath of the Infinity Wars, who is left to answer the call?

Featuring every cosmic super hero in the known universe by the THANOS WINS creative team of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw!

Rated T+ - 40 pgs./$4.99 - On Sale January 23rd

Champions #2 Champions #2 - Written by Jim Zub. Art by Steven Cummings. Cover by Kim Jacinto. Captain Marvel Variant Cover by Pepe Larraz.

When the dream is at stake, everything you believe in and have fought dearly for, what would you be willing to sacrifice to keep it alive?

One of the Champions has made a choice that will haunt them for the rest of their days...And now the villain behind that decision has everything they need to shatter the next generation of heroes.

Jim Zub (AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER, UNCANNY AVENGERS) and Steven Cummings (Wayward, Legends of the Dark Knight) take the Champions into uncharted territory, and the team will never be the same.

Rated T+ - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale February 6th

Black Order #4 Black Order #4 - Written by Derek Landy. Art by Philip Tan. Cover by Inhyuk Lee. Variant Cover by John Tyler Christopher.

Empires, rebellions, super heroes and spies - all in a day's work for the enigmatic Black Swan.

With a dark and twisted Nova on the rampage and her Black Order teammates getting decidedly pummeled, the Swan is presented with a simple choice: stay and risk an ungainly end or leave and abandon the closest thing she has to a family.

Rated T+ - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale February 20th

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #21
Cover Date: May 2010
Release Date: March 10, 2010
Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Esdras Cristobal
Colorist: Sotocolor
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Assistant Editor: Michael Horwitz
Editor: Nathan Cosby
Cover Artists: Clay Henry & Wil Quintana
Production: Randall Miller

On the Hawaiian Island of Molokia, Iron Man, Captain America, Vision and Thor are battling an elder titan named Typhon. Iron Man contacts Nova on his communicator to let him know that the elder is more powerful than they expected. However, the armored Avenger is confident they have enough power to defeat him.

Meanwhile, at the Kestrel Moving Company warehouse in New York City, the Invisible Woman and Black Widow are fighting their own battle against enemy gunfire. Sue Storm's force field is protecting them while she checks in with Nova to see how he is doing.

Back in Hawaii, captain America informs Nova that the Vision and Iron Man have been taken out of the fight by Typhon and his companion called the Volcano Goddess. Thor is fighting the two foes while the star-spangled Avenger gets his teammates to safety. Cap asks Nova how things are going for him.

Back at the Bright Years Rest Home in New York City, Richard Rider is having tea with an elderly gentleman and tells Captain America that he's doing okay.

Twelve hours ago, in Avengers Headquarters, Nova overhears Invisible Woman and Captain America talking about selecting team rosters for various types of missions. They agree that the Avengers need a stealth team and a power team but they can't agree on who should be on each roster. Nova doesn't think that it can be that hard since there are only seven Avengers and he's able to manage his own fantasy football team which has fifty players. Sue decides to call Rich's bluff and asks him for his recommendations.

Nova spends the next four hours talking to each Avenger about who should be on each team without coming to any conclusions on his selections.

Eight hours ago, the Avengers receive an alarm call informing them that Typhon has appeared in Hawaii and is causing mass destruction. He has also attempting to convince a volcano goddess to join him in conquering the Earth. Vision assumes Nova will be making the team selection based on his earlier discussions with the young hero.

Captain America decides to let Rich make the decision. Cap gently convinces Nova to let him lead the team while Sue suggests that he select Thor, Vision and Iron Man since the threat is a powerful one. Caught off-guard, the human rocket agrees to the choices. Iron Man tells Nova that he was pretty smart since his selections left him with all the female team members. Nova says that wasn't the idea which leaves the armored Avenger jokingly saying that he's disappointed in him.

Three hours ago, Nova, Black Widow and Invisible Woman are walking on the street when they encounter a young blond haired woman who introduces herself as Sun Girl. Black Widow checks the Avengers database and discovers that she was a super-hero during World War II and her powers are unknown. When Nova asks her how she can still be so young, she simply says that the sun goes up and the sun goes down. Sun Girl has come to warn the super team of the potential threat of a man named Gary Gaunt.

The Avengers computer informs them that Gary Gaunt was also active in World War II and had the power to become an incredibly strong changeling. An experimental formula gave him his super strength which Sun Girl estimates is half the level of the Hulk. She tells the heroes that Gary's transformations have been under control for decades but a situation has arisen which puts then in jeopardy.

Two hours ago, Nova, Sun Girl, Black Widow and Invisible Woman arrive at the Bright Years Rest Home to visit Gary Gaunt. As they enter the gate, Sun Girl stops and tells Nova that she can't go with them. As the sun sets, she fades from view. Inside the rest home, they meet Gary who turns out to be a thin eldery man walking with a cane.

Gary Gaunt tells the Avengers about how, during World War II, he had developed a formula to turn rabbits into fighting machines. However, mobsters tried to steal the serum and attempted to kill Gary. He survived the attempt but ended up drinking the formula. The serum allowed Gary Gaunt to become a powerful rage-filled fighter but only at night. During the day, Gary would continue to search for a cure to his condition.

Eventually, Mr. Gaunt was able to cure his condition but it required him to take the serum at regular intervals. Unfortunately, a group of thieves recently broke into the rest home and stole his formula along with prescription medicine from other residents. Gary informs the team of heroes that his current dose will be wearing off soon and they must find the serum before his creature is released again.

Sue Storm convinces Nova that he should stay with Mr. Gaunt while her and Black Widow find the thieves and recover the serum. If they aren't able to find the cure in time, Nova is the only one of the three who can fly Gary away from innocent people. As the two female heroes leave, Gary Gaunt and Nova walk through the rest home talking about the Avengers.

Rich is worried about his teammates and feels guilty that he's not fighting with them. Gary tells Nova that he shouldn't let go of that feeling because it means that he cares. Gary Gaunt confesses to Rich that he did things during the war that he hasn't been able to let go of. Suddenly, Nova's communicator goes off as Sue Storm's holgram tells him that they have found the thieves.

After the call ends, another hologram appears and it's Captain America informing Richard Rider of their situation. Thor has knocked Typhon into a volcanic cave and Cap and Iron Man are preparing to follow them. Steve Rogers also explains that the Vision is in pursuit of the volcano goddess in an attempt to reason with her.

Having seen the hologram of Captain America, Gary Gaunt begins telling Nova a story from World War II. He explains that, after gaining his powers, he went to work for the government as a secret weapon. On one mission, he was dropped behind enemy lines into Germany. During the day, he would struggle to survive and sometimes was taken prisoner by the Nazis. At night, when he became the creature, he would easily escape and attack the German forces.

Gary goes on to tell Nova that he lived that life for two years and was able to disrupt the Nazis war effort immensely. The elderly hero admits that the worst part was knowing that war had made another man ask him to be in that situation. He feels it's much easier to risk yourself than to ask someone else to risk their life.

Their conversation is interrupted by a communication from Iron Man. Thor has defeated Typhon while the Vision was able to convince the volcano goddess to stop fighting them. Following the call, Nova realizes the wisdom of Mr. Gaunt's story and agrees with him. As Gary recalls the man who had sent him on his missions, it turns out to have been Captain America.

Rich receives another communication. This time, it's the Invisible Woman calling to let him know that the thieves have been captured and the serum recovered. Nova explains that it will be faster for him to bring Gary to them since the World War II hero has begun transforming into the creature!



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