Champions #25 Champions #25 - Written by Jim Zub. Art by Sean Izaakse & Max Dunbar. Cover by Sean Izaakse. Marvel Battle Lines Variant Cover by Keunwoo Lee.


Celebrate 25 issues of Champions with the start of a brand-new story and a perfect jumping-on point!

Swords and sorcery beckon as our heroes travel to Weirdworld, a place where dreams can come true, but nightmares are never far away!

A quest begins and sacrifices will be made...

Rated T+ - 40 pgs./$4.99 - On Sale October 3rd

Champions #26 Champions #26 - Written by Jim Zub. Art by Sean Izaakse & Max Dunbar. Cover by Sean Izaakse. Uncanny X-Men Variant Cover by Rob Liefeld.

In a world of magic and glory, the Champions can take hold of what they desire, but not without a price...

Plus, how can Snowguard protect the North, when she's not even on planet Earth?

Rated T+ - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale November 7th

Champions Vol. 4: Northern Lights TPB Champions Vol. 4: Northern Lights TPB - Written by Jim Zub. Art by Sean Izaakse & Emilio Laiso. Cover by Stefano Caselli.

A fresh era begins as Ironheart and the Unstoppable Wasp join the Champions!

The team has grown, but the mission stays the same - fighting to make the world a better place for all!

But the super villain known as the Master has plans, too: he's determined to save Earth from itself! And the Champions are going!

But the Champions are on a collision course with Alpha Flight!

Could Ms. Marvel have to battle her idol, Captain Marvel? And who is the new hero Snowguard? Plus: Nova no more?!

And the events of Infinity Countdown are felt as the battle for the Power Stone sends the Champions into outer space, where they'll fight for - Thanos!

Strange allegiances and sacrifices will be made...and one young hero is about to lose everything.

Collecting CHAMPIONS (2016) #19-21 and INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CHAMPIONS #1-2.

Rated T+ - 136 pgs./$17.99 - On Sale November 7th

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #18
Cover Date: February 2010
Release Date: December 9, 2009
Writer: Paul Tobin
Penciler: Ig Guara
Colorist: Sotocolor
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Assistant Editor: Michael Horwitz
Editor: Nathan Cosby
Cover Artist: Niko Henrichon
Production: Taylor Esposito

In the English village of Moen, Nova is talking to his brother Bobby and their friend Fran. They are investigating claims that a mythical creature known as a satyr has been seen there. Along with the satyr sighting, there are also rumors that the citizens of Moen have been experiencing severe emotional changes.

Fran believes the cause behind all the weird events is supernatural which Bobby quickly dismisses. She also feels that superpowers are also supernatural even the Nova powers of Bobby's brother Rich. Richard Rider quickly tells her to be quiet about saying his secret identity in public.

Although they find no evidence of paranormal activity, the three visitors don't realize they are being watched by a strange creature on a nearby rooftop. Fran, Bobby and Nova leave the village and proceed into the woods. Fran wants to visit a woman who lives a half-mile outside the town. She also reveals that the person they are seeing is an expert in folklore with a specialty on Spriggans. The female investigator explains that a Spriggan is a form of poltergeist that guards treasures and has been known to steal babies. Spriggans are also believed to be the ghosts of old giants.

Fran suddenly realizes that she has lost her notebook. As they search the woods for the book, Bobby is suddenly knocked to the ground by an invisible force and finds something trying to steal his shoes! Nova runs over to his brother only to discover the invisible force has taken form. It is the same blue-gray creature that had been watching them in Moen. Fran believes it is a Spriggan as it tries to steal the Nova helmet from Rich's head!

The Human Rocket quickly responds by blasting the creature in the face with an energy blast. The Spriggan decides it has had enough and runs into the woods. Bobby is still not convinced it was a supernatural creature and thinks it may have been a bear. Although Richard feels the Spriggan was a bit weak for being the ghost of an old giant, Fran informs him that the creature's powers can vary from moment to moment and can have the ability to overwhelm them if it wanted to.

Some time later, the three arrive at the folklore expert's home. When they arrive, the cabin is deserted with signs that a struggle had taken place. As Fran goes to check the surrounding woods, they hear a large sound outside.

Nova rushes to find the source of the noise and finds himself running straight into Thor! He looks up to see three heroes; Thor, Vision and Iron Man. The super-powered teenager is tongue-tied as he meets his fellow crimefighters. However, he is able to explain the current situation to them and Rich discovers that they have been following another similar situation.

Back in Moen, Captain America and the Invisible Woman are searching for clues to the strange madness that had spread through town. While they investigate, the two also engage in combat training. Cap reminds her that she shouldn't talk while invisible since it gives away her location. She counters with the point that he was already tracking her by the dust her feet was kicking up and was talking in order to divide his attention. The star-spangled hero concedes that she had a good point.

Captain America then takes to the rooftops and Sue Storm follows on an invisible shield. Suddenly, Cap throws a handful of pigeons at the Invisible Woman who drops her force field and gasps. The noise caused by her being startled lets Steve Rogers know where she is and he is quickly able to capture Sue. Cap has now won six training sessions to Sue's zero.

Later, Sue and Steve are walking towards the cabin in the woods when they hear someone following them. The stranger turns out to be the hero known as the Black Widow. The red-headed heroine asks if she can join their new team which the Invisible Woman quickly agrees to. Steve and Sue agree that the Black Widow must have some other motive for joining since she's always been a loner.

Thirty minutes later, the whole group of heroes have gathered together and compare notes of the two different incidents. While the other talk, the Invisible Woman and Vision talk about the android's quest to learn about emotions. The Vision believes he is simply a machine but Sue feels he is capable of much more. He quietly excuses himself to go search the woods for the Spriggan.

Nova tells the others that he is hungry so Bobby and Fran offer to get food for the heroes. Before they can leave, the Black Widow is suddenly hit in the head with an ancient coin. Fran quickly realizes it is the Spriggan and Sue orders everyone outside the cabin.

As the team gets outside, Iron Man's armor suddenly malfunctions and blasts Nova in the back! The armored hero also finds that his boot thrusters aren't working properly and flies through an intangible Vision. At the same time, the heroes find themselves hit with more ancient coins.

Suddenly, the Spriggan appears and is quickly hit by Thor. As the battle continues, Nova and Sue Storm find themselves facing a woman who has come from a hole in the ground. She introduces herself as Podlie, the folklore expert and owner of the cabin. She had hidden herself in the cellar to escape the Spriggan. After witnessing the ongoing fight, she returns to the cellar.

Back in the fight, the heroes are having a difficult time hitting the creature. Rich Rider isn't sure what to do. Black Widow simply tells him to hit the Spriggan as hard as he can. As Nova flies to join the battle, Captain America quickly grabs him and pulls him down just in time to avoid an out-of-control Iron Man.

The battle seems to be headed towards victory for the Spriggan as more of the heroes lose control of their powers. Suddenly, the Spriggan appears due to being caught in the electrical power of Thor's hammer. The creature had attempted to steal the hammer but discovers that he is overmatched by its force. Thor recognizes the Spriggan and verifies that he is indeed a ghost of an old giant.

The God of Thunder turns to the mythological being and informs him that it was his father Odin who originally banished the Spriggan from Earth. Combining the energy powers of Nova, Iron Man and the Vision with his own, Thor returns the creature to his own dimension in order to avenge the past crimes towards humanity.

Later, Captain America officially asks Nova to join their team. Rich is overjoyed and quickly agrees. As they try to decide on a name, Cap suggests one of Thor's words used in his speech to the Spriggan. The team is now called The Avengers!

Twenty minutes later, Podlie comes from the cellar. She is relieved that everyone is gone. She was afraid the heroes would have discovered she has been hiding a giant creature below the ground!


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