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The Champions win a major victory over Roxxon - only to discover a much deadlier threat waiting in the wings!

Can they win against vicious machines engineered to predict their every move?

Or is it the end of the line for our young heroes?

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Marvel's Voices: Comunidades #1 Marvel's Voices: Comunidades #1 - Written by Daniel Jose Older, Karla Pacheco, Terry Blas, Juan Ponce, Leonardo Romero & Edgar Delgado. Art by Enid Balam, Vanesa del Rey, Adriana Melo, Leonardo Romero, Nico Leon & Alitha E. Martinez. Cover by Joe Quesada.


Spider-Man! White Tiger! Ghost Rider! And so many more heroes get their moment in the sun as new and fan-favorite creators continue to expand the world outside your window in MARVEL'S VOICES: COMUNIDADES (Community)!

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Collecting GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2020) #13-18.

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A Live Chat Session With the cosmic overlords Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning!
A Nova Prime Page Exclusive

[nova64] Welcome to a special chat session with DnA!!!
User andy lanning has entered this room.
[andy lanning] Ahoy
[nova64] Howdy, sir!
[nova64] How are you today?
[andy lanning] Not too shabby thanks
[andy lanning] How's things where you are?
[nova64] Has winter hit you very hard yet?
[nova64] It's not too bad. We had 4 inches of snow a couple of days ago and should get another 4 in a few days. Temps around zero for the last week or so. Typical Iowa winter. :)
[andy lanning] Yup, we're all snowed in again and the country has shut
[andy lanning] I have snow envy, we had about 4-5 inchesd
[nova64] Oh, that's right!! You guys got blasted, didn't you?
[andy lanning] but it fell in about 20 minutes!
User mysticcgh has entered this room.
[nova64] Hey, Chuck!
[mysticcgh] Hey, Doug!
[andy lanning] Hello Chuck
[nova64] Holy cow, Andy!! Now that's some snow!!
[andy lanning] Yup we had about 2 foot a couple weeks back
User timelord has entered this room.
[nova64] Hey, Bill!
[mysticcgh] Can I call you Andy or Mr, Lanning?
[andy lanning] that really did shut the country
[timelord] Hey everyone
[timelord] Hey Chuck
[mysticcgh] Bill!
[andy lanning] Please call me Andy, Mr Lanning is my Dad
[timelord] Hey Doug
[nova64] Geez, I can't imagine that much at one time. We get hit hard from time to time but not like that!
[timelord] Hey Andy
[mysticcgh] can I ask a question?
User Dan Abnett has entered this room.
[andy lanning] Fire at will
[nova64] Hi, Dan!
[Dan Abnett] Hello!
[andy lanning] Hullo Mr Abnett
[Dan Abnett] Hullo Mr Lanning
[timelord] Hi Dan
[andy lanning] I have to call him Mr Abnett, it's in our contract
[mysticcgh] :)
[andy lanning] Who said Rich's dead?
[timelord] It was an editorial thing wasn't it
[timelord] editors were the bad guys
[mysticcgh] Of course Bill. Would you think any less of me?
[timelord] what I expect chuck
[Dan Abnett] We didn't kill him. We just trapped him forever in a dead universe with Thanos.
[timelord] :)
[andy lanning] It was a comnbination of editorial dictate and story demands
User Matt has entered this room.
[nova64] Yes, you'll find that Chuck is a little.... caffeinated at time.
[timelord] i knew it
[Matt] Hey guys!
[Dan Abnett] Hey Matt
[timelord] mainly editorial
[nova64] Hey, Matt!
[andy lanning] Things is if it didn't work in the story, we wouldn't have done it
[mysticcgh] What do the editors have against the character, that's what I would like to know...
[Dan Abnett] Actually, timelord, mainly story
[andy lanning] we respect the character too much to do that
[timelord] i like chuck's question
[nova64] Personally I think it worked well for the story. Plus there's a heck of story possibility to bring him back.
[mysticcgh] I would call the story 'Crusade'
[mysticcgh] I like that
[timelord] What do the editors have against the character
[timelord] Crusade was already taken by JMS
[Dan Abnett] The editors have nothing against the character
[andy lanning] Nothing really, there's no conspiracy
[Dan Abnett] In fact, editorial LOVES Nova
[andy lanning] Nothing reall, there's no conspiracy
[Dan Abnett] In fact, editorial LOVES Nova
[andy lanning] they really liked what we were doing
[Dan Abnett] They also klike good stories and shock endings
[andy lanning] during the course of our run everyone kept telling us what a great read Nova was,
User Fraktur has entered this room.
[andy lanning] ultimately though it's a sales thing
User jimmyprtchtt has entered this room.
[nova64] Other than Ed Brubaker, have many other writers asked about using Nova in their series?
[mysticcgh] It was! It just kills me that the title was 'put on hiatus'
[andy lanning] if it doesn't sell enough they pull the plug
[nova64] Hey, Fraktur! Hey, Jimmy!
[timelord] i guess those of us who've been around since 1976 have seen the character jerked around quite a bit so we're a bit sensitive
[Matt] I Am An Avenger #3 was great! Loved that.
[andy lanning] we were lucky they didn't actually cancel us
[Fraktur] hey guys
[jimmyprtchtt] Howdy peeps
[andy lanning] we got to go out on our own terms
[andy lanning] and the door is always open
[andy lanning] Hello Jimmy BTW
[mysticcgh] So that's it. It's out?
[andy lanning] and Fraktur
[Dan Abnett] Yes we gave the story a proper ending, rather than getting a plug pulled
[jimmyprtchtt] Howdy, sir
[Dan Abnett] which also means we can continue the cosmic continuity through renewal
[jimmyprtchtt] So were you guys done telling the story you wanted to tell - with Nova
[Dan Abnett] Hi Jimmy and Fraktur!
[Matt] Who is going to take on the leader role of the Annihilators?
[mysticcgh] Oh well. The owner of my LCS will be mad.... That's it for me and comics for now...
[andy lanning] Timelord, we've been around since then, we love Nova
[nova64] By the way, DnA, thank you for all the cosmic stories over the years!
[andy lanning] it was one of the first comics I actually bought for myself
[timelord] i know u do
[nova64] In Devastation, will we see the after effects on the Nova Corps?
[timelord] i was talking about how Marvel has given the character short shrift over the years
[timelord] not aimed at you guys
[Fraktur] any insight as to what might be next? based on the end of "thanos imperative" ?
[andy lanning] TL- I agree but you have to admit Nova's got the highest exposure in years atm
[timelord] i do admit that. Can't blame me for wanting more tho
[Dan Abnett] FRaktur - The Annihilators will be coming out
[nova64] Yep! Very true
[andy lanning] Next- is the Annihilators and Rocket and Groot
[Matt] I wish Nova would have headlined or been more a part of WoKs.
[andy lanning] more of the same really, but with Bigger punching!
[timelord] and wish NOva could've been in Annihilators
[Fraktur] nice ! sounds good
[Matt] TL - Maybe more in Nova Antiquus?
[timelord] more exposure - more new fans - better sales potentially
[timelord] Yeah - DnA - u part of this Nova Antiquus?
[andy lanning] Dunno what it is? Dan?
[jimmyprtchtt] So, were there more Nova stories to tell, or was this how you originally planned to end/take the character
[Matt] DnA - also congrats for Soldier Zero! That should be exciting.
[nova64] With the next big Marvel event appearing to be about other realities, will that tie into the cosmic material?
[mysticcgh] In Avengers 5 when you look at the timeline there is a heading for Nova Antiquus
[Matt] Nova Antiquus was in that Avengers #5 teaser
[andy lanning] Oh that, we don't know too much about that stuff
[andy lanning] Jimmy- we have more Nova stories to tell mate, the Thanos stuff was always planned to be an ending, but not the be all and end all
[Dan Abnett] Thanks, Matt we're looking forwrad to SZ
[mysticcgh] So are there any plans for NOva in the future?
[Matt] Can you say why Paul Cornell left?
[Dan Abnett] Matt - he had an exclusive deal with DC
[timelord] I liked your work on Fusion. Will you be doing more with the Cyberforce-HK teams?
[andy lanning] Myst- nothing we are privvy to, but we are waiting in the wings to do more when the time is right
[Dan Abnett] Mysticcgh - if we can do more with Nova or the Corps, we will. Can't speak for "bigger" plans Marvel might have.
[andy lanning] Timelord- we're in talks with Top Cow atm but can't say anything at this point
[mysticcgh] I had heard that Cosmic Avengers was a go. Anything about that
[Matt] I thought DC was going to let him work on that when he signed. I'll have to ask him I guess,
[Dan Abnett] The Annihilators IS the cosmic Avengers
[Dan Abnett] THanks, Jimmy.
[Fraktur] agree there jimmy
[nova64] I really like the name Annihilators.
[timelord] DnA - do you remember the "Weirdworld" series from the 70's? Would you guys do high fantasy stories if someone asked you to revive Weirdworld?
[andy lanning] Myst- You say Cosmic Avengers, we say Annihilators!
[Dan Abnett] TL - sure and yes we would
[Matt] DnA - those were some pretty bold words stating they are the most powerful team ever!
[Dan Abnett] Can you think of a heavier-hitting team?
[nova64] The Annihilators plus Nova. :)
[andy lanning] You wouldn't say that to their faces!;)
[andy lanning] Good point
[timelord] I'd love to see Weirdworld revived. Always thought it had a lot of potential. To your knowledge has anyone suggested it?
[nova64] Anything you can say about what you had planned for Malik Tarcel & SuperNova?
[Matt] Defenders maybe? They did have Strange? Annihilators one weakness would be to magic I would think
[andy lanning] Nope but we were encouraged to look at all sorts of 'forgotten' stuff
[timelord] Will you be working on any of the Crossgen stuff?
[nova64] Speaking of: did Tarcel lose all his power along with the Corps when Rich pulled all the Nova Force into himself?
[Dan Abnett] Supernova may not be done yet....we'll see...
[andy lanning] Nova64- we'd rather not, coz we may still get the chance to tell those stories at some point
[andy lanning] the only thing we can say is that it will deal with the nature of the Nova Force
[timelord] OK. Now the question we've debated forever at NPP. What is the Nova Force? I say it's Zero Point Energy. What do you guys think
[nova64] ooooohhhhh!!!
[Fraktur] interesting....
[mysticcgh] Oh Doug you knew it was going to happen......
[nova64] I do now. :)
[andy lanning] It's a really interesting thing that would make a great story...hmmmmmm./...
[Dan Abnett] It is hard to say, because it can do so many things...
[andy lanning] timelord- I really liked the Crossgen stuf when it came out but we haven't been approached to work on the new stuff
[jimmyprtchtt] You guys are the kings of multitasking
User chrislw47130 has entered this room.
[nova64] Hey, Chris!
[Dan Abnett] could call it zero point energy or soemthing liek that, because that's as good a description as any...
[andy lanning] maybe if we ask them nicely.
[Fraktur] I missed the beginning of the chat ... DnA will you guys be attached to Annihilators / Cosmic Avengers?
[chrislw47130] Hello all and Happy Holidays!
[Fraktur] hey chris
[chrislw47130] Hello DnA!
[Dan Abnett] Hey Chris
[andy lanning] I'd like to have a crack at Ruse, it'd be great to work with Butch again
[Dan Abnett] Yes, FRaktur - writing Annihilators
[Fraktur] oh fantastic !
[chrislw47130] I was SO HAPPY to see what you did with MOVA!
[andy lanning] Hi Chris
[chrislw47130] ooops---NOVA
[chrislw47130] ::laffs::
[nova64] I'm thinking it's the personification of Einstein's Unified Field Theory. It would explain the gravity, electromagnetic nature of the powers.
[andy lanning] Mova, that's a totally different book
[chrislw47130] I've been a fan ever since Nova #1 back in '76.
[andy lanning] About a kid who's part of an intergalactic lawnmowing team
[Fraktur] rofl....
[nova64] And generated through a human body's biology and focused through the Nova Matrix in the body.
[andy lanning] Cosmic edging!
[chrislw47130] I remember buying it and a candy bar at my local Convenient for like fifty cents...
[chrislw47130] The good old days!
[andy lanning] I got it at my local newagent, then had to wait 6 months for the second issue to come in
[Dan Abnett] nova 64 - yah, that's kinda the way I see it. I tend to use words like quantum and exotic...
[jimmyprtchtt] DnA, just so you guys know, I have been reading Nova since about 1978. He has been my favorite hero ever since.
User Lundonj has entered this room.
[chrislw47130] I'll address the elephant in the room...
[nova64] Hi, Don!
[andy lanning] Dan's always using words like quantum and exotic, it's got us thrown out of many a bar
[timelord] has to incorporate quantum entanglement as that's the only known way of real time communication across light years of distance
[Dan Abnett] lol
[nova64] lol
[chrislw47130] Will NOVA ever be back, fellas?
[Dan Abnett] The elephant's been addressed already, chris
[chrislw47130] Darn---missed that.
[chrislw47130] Any chance of a recap?
[andy lanning] if we can he will be
[mysticcgh] Bill...... take it down a notch.....
[jimmyprtchtt] Big Fat Elephant - like my mother-in-law
[mysticcgh] :)
[nova64] Yikes, Jimmy!
[jimmyprtchtt] Oh crap, I should not have said that
[chrislw47130] Well that's good to know...
[timelord] lol. Chuck tells me that
[Fraktur] hope you guys the chance ... you made Nova the way we all wanted him to be
[Matt] any chance The Annihilators are going to be involved in the next big Marvel Event?
[andy lanning] Bottom line guys, Marvel's a business, they see demand and sales, they'll publish the books
[Lundonj] <--- Comic shop owner who thinks Dan and Andy are doing some of the best books Marvel publishes.
[chrislw47130] So---are you guys gonna handle the Dire Wraiths any differently that say, the late, great Bill Mantlo did...?
[Dan Abnett] We want to see how the Annihilators is recieved. If it worls well., there's all sorts of possibilities
User Vinnie has entered this room.
[timelord] gotta agree with Fraktur. You guys did Nova better than anyone else including Marv Wolfman
[nova64] Hey, Vinnie!
[Vinnie] Hey
[nova64] I think the Annihilators will be huge. How can't it be with that name and characters??
[andy lanning] Hello Vinnie
[Dan Abnett] Hi Vinnie
[chrislw47130] Just remember TL----without Marv's NOVA, there wouldn't have been NOVA for DnA to fulfill...
[timelord] u guys ever talked with Wolfman about Nova?
[Vinnie] I hoave quesstion about creative choices of Nova?
[andy lanning] Nope, we're kinda disconnected over here in the UK
[andy lanning] Fire away Vinnie
[chrislw47130] Hey---you're in Europe!
[chrislw47130] Lucky buggers!
[andy lanning] Yup
[Dan Abnett] Can't you tell from moi accent?
[chrislw47130] I'd love to be over there.
[chrislw47130] ::laffs::
[andy lanning] Stroll on guvnorr
[nova64] If you go over there, bring a snow shovel. :)
[Dan Abnett] strike a light!
[chrislw47130] Here I thought that was a Russian accent!
[Dan Abnett] No, this is beink Russian accent
[andy lanning] Boiz Moi
[andy lanning] or is that Boiz Zone
[nova64] ha - how Cosmo of you! Speaking of, I love the Cosmo!
[andy lanning] I thank yew
[timelord] luv that scene with Cosmo riding surfer's board
[Dan Abnett] We love Cosmo too
[chrislw47130] Me too! Love Cosmo!
[andy lanning] He's a good doggie
[Vinnie] In the beginning Of the series you made Nova more like his teenage counter part and less of the cold hearted war Vet he acted like in Annhiliation where there any reasoning of making the character more of a hot head
[chrislw47130] Reminds me of my dog!
[Fraktur] Cosmo is awesome
[andy lanning] Vinnie- beginning of what series do you mean?
[mysticcgh] Cosmo is god. Do not tic off the mutt!
[chrislw47130] Sometimes I think my dog tries to communicate telpathically with me...
[chrislw47130] Mostly when he needs to go outside.
[nova64] Anything you can reveal about Cosmo's origin?
[mysticcgh] that's just you chris.....
[chrislw47130] Or wants my pizza.
[andy lanning] We made a concious decision to play Rich as a more seasoned 'soldier'-
[timelord] r we going to get a cosmo origin story at some point. Would luv to read that
[Vinnie] Right after annhiliation and his own series started his character was more like his previous counter parts and less like he was in Annalilation
[chrislw47130] I'd love a Cosmo versus Dex-Starr mini-series!
[timelord] like the seasoned soldier take much better than the angry teen take
[Fraktur] that was a great move DnA the angsty teenager thing wasn't good for him anymore
[andy lanning] Yeah we'd love to do that, he's about in the Annihilators, so we may get a chance at some point
[Matt] What can we expect to see between Blaastar and The Ann in Devastation? I wouldn't want to be him, lol.
[andy lanning] We wanted Rich to realise that he wasn't a second stringer
[Dan Abnett] Yeah, by NOva 1, he'd grown up a lot.
User gladiator9120 has entered this room.
[Dan Abnett] Blastaar's facing a world of hurt
[nova64] Hey, Glad!
[chrislw47130] Rich was only ever a "second stringer" because all of Marvel's other characters treated him like that...
[chrislw47130] 'Course THOR respected him in #4 of the original series...
[andy lanning] kind of treat him in the story the way he was percieved at the time by the comic community- he was the also-ran, we wanted to present him as a lot more proactive and assured than that
[Lundonj] FWIW, I've been reading nova adventures since '76, and I thought the DnA run was the best stuff, by far and away.
[Vinnie] well you guys kinda used my point to answer my question After the war he startedacting like a teenager again instead of the ex leader of the United front
[chrislw47130] Or was that 3?
[Fraktur] yeah ... you guys truly brought him to where he should have been
[andy lanning] he was temperred in the Annihilation war
[mysticcgh] Actually the editors treated him like that...... I can't understand why they have no love for the character....
[nova64] I loved Steve's invitation to the Secret Avengers in I Am An Avenger #3!! Did you coordinate that with Ed B. at all?
User dowla has entered this room.
[chrislw47130] I wish he'd been a Secret Avenger longer...
[Dan Abnett] Vinnie - when did he act like ateenager?
[jimmyprtchtt] Vinnie, I think I can answer your question. Rich was not a hot head at the beginning of the series. He was exhausted and at the edge of his mental rope because he was responding to every distress call. He took no breaks and had no rest.
[Dan Abnett] Yes, we coordinated with the SA team
[chrislw47130] I LOVED the back and forth between Rich and the original WM...
[Fraktur] one of the best scenes was nova tearing out annihilus' spine
[Matt] I really disliked the SA issus, but I Am An Avenger was really great.
[timelord] If he'd originally been written in 1976 as having the full powers of a Centurion, he'd have been more powerful than the street level villains he was always fighting and there would've been no contest
[nova64] I really like it when creators respect each other to coordinate things.
[andy lanning] The I am and Avenger story was fun, Todd Naucked it outta the park on the art!
[chrislw47130] Was any of that inspired by the back and forth between Magnum and Higgins, 'cause that's what it always reminded me of...
[andy lanning] Interesting connection Chris
[andy lanning] but Rich didn't have the Ferrari or the tash
[chrislw47130] True.
[Vinnie] Ok I can understand that, also why is Nova usually depowered in most of the storylines?
[chrislw47130] But he did get to bang the most dangerous woman in the universe!
[chrislw47130] ::laffs::
[andy lanning] or was it a Porsche?
[Dan Abnett] It's a dirty job... ;0
[chrislw47130] Ferrari.
[chrislw47130] Red.
[mysticcgh] That's why it was so coool Dan!
[andy lanning] Teehee, Dan said 'dirty job'
[nova64] lol
[chrislw47130] heh heh heh
[gladiator9120] Just wanted to thank Andy and Dan for making Nova one of the best:}
[Dan Abnett] Teehee - Andy said "Teehee".
[timelord] wait a minute - the most dangerous woman in the universe is my wife
[andy lanning] Thanks gladiator
[Dan Abnett] Thanks, Gladiator
User novablackout has entered this room.
[andy lanning] I thought it was Jimmy's mother in law
[nova64] You're only saying that because you've never met my wife, Bill.
[chrislw47130] One of my fave sequences was in the NOVA mini-series when Drax said something along the lines of "the hat told me to do it."
[timelord] so my wife and Jimmy's MIL? At the same time?!
[nova64] Hi, Novablackout!
[jimmyprtchtt] Mr. Lanning - very funny about my mother in law
[Fraktur] DnA .. .so what is your take with the end of thanos imperative? worldmind has "withdrawn" etc. that marvel-speak for hiatus or do you think there is more going on ?
[andy lanning] :)
[chrislw47130] Not to veer into enemy territory, but have you guys (DnA) seen the Green Lantern trailer and if so, your thoughts...
[Dan Abnett] Haven't seen it, sorry
[novablackout] hi!about the history between darkhawk and shiar, have plans?
[andy lanning] The GL movie looks great, I'm a sucker for any comic brought to celluloid
[Dan Abnett] Fraktur - I think we'll all have to wait and see.
[timelord] good point Chris - we need a Nova/Nova Corps/GotG movie to compete with GL
[chrislw47130] Yes we do.
[chrislw47130] Disney has deep pockets....
[Fraktur] thanks Dan
[andy lanning] If I had a penny for every time we had to field the age old 'Nova's just a copy of the Green Lantern Corps' .... I'd have 37 pence!
[nova64] What authors do you like to read in your spare time? Comics or otherwise?
[chrislw47130] DnA----I know you guys got to work with some great artists on NOVA. Were there any others you would've liked to have seen take him on...?
[andy lanning] I'm a huge Stephen King fan
[chrislw47130] King rocks!
[andy lanning] also a lot of current and classic sci-fi, funnily enough,
[Dan Abnett] I read a lot comics and books. A LOT.
[chrislw47130] Have you read "Lissy's Story"?
[timelord] The Star Trek run over at IDW has had some surprisingly good issues. What's it like writing Star Trek for IDW?
[chrislw47130] I think that's what it's called.
[andy lanning] Charles Stross, Alistar Reynolds, Richard K Morgan
[timelord] I like how the writers are addressing gaps in Star Trek continuity
[andy lanning] Chris- yup
[gladiator9120] DnA , just wanted to know, Doug does a great job on this web page did it influence you at all to make Nova a stronger character?
[chrislw47130] GREAT stuff, that book.
[Dan Abnett] LOved writing ~Star Trek. Almost as much as writing Doctor Who
[mysticcgh] I love Stross Reynolds is too technical for his own good sometimes...
[andy lanning] Doug's been a real help to us,
[Dan Abnett] This site is awesome.
[chrislw47130] What do you guys think of Matt Smith as the Doctor?
[andy lanning] He's dreamy
[chrislw47130] I think he's fantastic!
[mysticcgh] Have you read the Unincorporated Man?
[chrislw47130] And Amy is HOT!!!!
[Dan Abnett] He's fine. Prefered Jon Pertwee.
[andy lanning] Myst- nope
[nova64] Shucks.... Thanks, guys!! Glad, the check's in the mail...
[timelord] Pertwee was my favorite too
[mysticcgh] awesome.... very Heinlein like in it's vision of the future
[andy lanning] Amy has a very special place in my heart
[gladiator9120] lol
[chrislw47130] ::laffs::
[Fraktur] lol
[andy lanning] Myst- who's it by?
[mysticcgh] hold on...
[chrislw47130] Either of you read any Arthur C. Clarke?
[Dan Abnett] Yes, Chris\
[andy lanning] Chris- yes mate, raised on it
[jimmyprtchtt] I have never been a fan of Quasar - until what you guys have done with him. Will he have a major role in the Annihilators
[chrislw47130] LOVE Childhood's End!
[andy lanning] read him in school english lessons
[Dan Abnett] Jimmy - yes he will
[mysticcgh] dani and Eytan Kollin
[Fraktur] when is Annihilators going to be out ... roughly?
[andy lanning] Jimmy- Quasar's our reader POV
[timelord] Ever thought about tackling some of the other Roddenberry properties? Spectre or Genesis II or Questor? It seems Boom and IDW have an interest in continuing TV projects as comics.
[Dan Abnett] Fraktur - March, I think
[Fraktur] cool ... not too far away
[andy lanning] Timelord- hasn't come up really, but we're doing a Transformer's mini-series with them
[chrislw47130] Venturing into other territories....
[nova64] Have you enjoyed the change of scenery with the 'street-level' heroes in Heroes for Hire?
[chrislw47130] What kinda toonage do you guys listen too?
[Dan Abnett] Absolutely - a very delibertae change of pace just to exercise other 'imagination' muscles
[Matt] Quasar's awesome! Thanks for bringing him back! Though you did kill him off, :)
[Dan Abnett] We take, but we give
[andy lanning] Nova64- yes it's a refreshing change, but what we really enjoy is getting to play with other favorite characters
[chrislw47130] As does the Lord.
[chrislw47130] ::laffs::
[gladiator9120] When writing the story line for Nova did you at all , have a tough time deciding how strong Nova should be?
[mysticcgh] It was swesome for the story though.... very heroic
[andy lanning] Chris- am listening to Rush- Subdivisions atm
[chrislw47130] Cool.
[chrislw47130] Good song.
[mysticcgh] See now I know your an artist Andy
[andy lanning] they are my all-time favs
[Matt] Are there any cosmic characters you haven't had a chance to use that still would like to do something with?
[chrislw47130] I'm a big Floyd fan, m'self...
[novablackout] any chance of returning stories about darkhawk?
[Dan Abnett] jack of Hearts. Ship...
[Fraktur] would love to see an DnA rework of Jack of Hearts....
[chrislw47130] Are we gonna see a revamped Deathwing in Annihilators?
[andy lanning] love Floyd, Zepllin, Foos, Queen, Ben Folds and all sorts really
[Dan Abnett] Gladiator - sometiems. We wanted to make it consistant.
[nova64] Don is a huge Jack of Hearts fan. I'm sure he was happy to read that!
[jimmyprtchtt] Jack of Hearts would be great
[chrislw47130] Since the DWs are involved...
[Dan Abnett] Darkhawk - maybe...
[Fraktur] two of the busts i have are Nova and Jack of Hearts
[timelord] Jethro Tull - Are DnA Ian Anderson fans?
[Matt] Yeah, Jack is a great character!
[chrislw47130] Jethro Tull! Oh yeah---I've got some of HIS albums!
[chrislw47130] ::laffs::
[gladiator9120] what about more Darkhawk? you did a great job with him,
[andy lanning] We really enjoyed getting to write Darkhawk and bring him kicking and screaming into the 21st century
[Fraktur] oh yeah ... fantastic job there
[novablackout] i love Talon man
User jayntampa has entered this room.
[nova64] Hey, Jay!
[andy lanning] It was fun getting to realign his backstory as the original wasn't the best comic in the world, to be fair
[jayntampa] Hey there!
[Dan Abnett] Had a lot of fun with the Darkhawk/Raptors story
[timelord] this is the biggest crowd i've ever seen in this chat
[nova64] Can't imagine why. :)
[andy lanning] to be less fair, it was stinky poo
[Dan Abnett] lol
[mysticcgh] Bill are you a Saints fan? I can't remember...
[timelord] nope. sorry
[mysticcgh] Damn, they're getting they're butts kicked..... just one thing i can't give you crap about......:{
[andy lanning] we're sportless atm due to the snow everywhere!
[timelord] awww. YOu'll find something else. of that I'm sure
[mysticcgh] I would go on about the zero point energy thing again.... but that's kicking a dead horse by now
[andy lanning] Guys, we've got 5 mins left, I've got Sunday dinner waiting!
[timelord] I beat u in that debate some time ago
[nova64] I can't recall exactly but how did the Resolute Duty disappears all those decades ago?
[Dan Abnett] Yeah, I can hear people working hard in the kitchen
[mysticcgh] No you didn't....
[Fraktur] Dan .. Andy thanks for everything guys and for being here fantastic work on everything best of luck to you both!
[timelord] ur having memory lapses again. take ur meds!!
[chrislw47130] I'm baking Christmas cookies whilst chatting!
[chrislw47130] Snickerdoodles right now!
[novablackout] i do not know if someone already asked, but what will now be for new nova corps? Fraktur is awesome!
[mysticcgh] Guy's thank you for doing this, We really apreciate it....
[andy lanning] Anything else you've been burning to ask, fire now or forever hold your piece!
[timelord] When will Xandar be rebuilt?
[chrislw47130] Just want to say thanks for being here, guys!
[Dan Abnett] If you think of soemthing later, you can always ask us via Facebook or my blog
[andy lanning] The Nova Corps will reappear at some point in the future
[chrislw47130] It's been a privilege!
[Fraktur] oh thanks dan that works
[timelord] and Xandar?
[mysticcgh] We're a pretty one note bunch.... we just want our Nova back!
[gladiator9120] just thank you for making Nova one of the best, since I was a kid waited for the work you have done - Cheers - Dna
[Matt] Thanks guys. We will contine to "barrage" Brevoort about Marvel Cosmic.
[andy lanning] Thanks guys, we appreciate your support
[Dan Abnett] Xandar may be rebuilt...wait and see...
[chrislw47130] Have a good Holiday, fellas!
[Dan Abnett] Thanks so much - and have a great Christmas, all of you!
[timelord] Yes - u guys are the best - and thanks so much for all you've done for the fans!
[andy lanning] Happy Holidays chaps!
[mysticcgh] Yes, have great Christmas!
[chrislw47130] Come back again when you can stay longer!
[chrislw47130] ::laffs::
[jayntampa] Merry Christmas - hope you survive the rought weather
[mysticcgh] and thanks for you answers!
[andy lanning] Like Dan said, any more questions, fire at his Facebook wall
[Dan Abnett] No problem. It's been fun - Doug - you know where we are if you want to ask us back or send us more questions.
[nova64] Thanks, guys!!! We really appreciate everything you've done!!
[Fraktur] will do you guys rock thanks for what you did for the cosmic marvel universe
[andy lanning] Cheers all bye!
[chrislw47130] Cheers!
[Dan Abnett] Bye everyone and thanks!
[nova64] Take care, guys! And dodge the snow!
[chrislw47130] Wow, Doug---THAT was cool.
[andy lanning] Andy has left the auditorium....
User andy lanning has logged out.
[chrislw47130] Thanks for you work in putting that together, man!
User Dan Abnett has logged out.

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