Outlawed #1 Outlawed #1 - Written by Eve L. Ewing. Art by Kim Jacinto. Cover by Pepe Larraz. Wraparound Variant Cover by Tony Daniel. Variant Cover by Cory Smith. Variant Cover by Anna Rud.


In the wake of a devastating tragedy, the United States passes a law that will shake the Marvel Universe to its core.

The world has had enough of teen heroes. The crackdown has begun. And the lives of Marvel's next generation will never be the same again.

EVE L. EWING and KIM JACINTO launch a new era in this game-changing event one-shot that will send shockwaves across the Marvel Universe! You won't want to miss this one!

Rated T - 40 pgs./One-Shot/$4.99 - On Sale March 18th

Guardians of the Galaxy #3 Guardians of the Galaxy #3 - Written by Al Ewing. Art by Juann Cabal, Chris Sprouse, Nina Vaqueva & Belen Ortega. Cover by Ivan Shavrin. Variant Cover by Ron Lim. Spider-Woman Variant Cover by Declan Shalvey.

The Guardians saved the Galaxy - at great and terrible cost.

And now, they have to break the news...to the Guardians.

Four artists tell three stories of two bonds broken, one born again...

...and the birth of the West Spiral Arm Guardians!

Rated T+ - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale March 18th

Champions #1 Champions #1 - Written by Eve L. Ewing. Art by Simone Di Meo. Cover by Toni Infante. Variant Cover by Pasqual Ferry. Variant Cover by Simone Di Meo. Marvel Zombies Variant Cover by TBA.


A law is passed that goes against everything Ms. Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man founded the Champions for...But the world still needs heroes, even if the world doesn't want them right now.

After Ms. Marvel makes an unexpected and emotional announcement that her team won't go down without a fight, a group of teen vigilantes gathers to plan their next move. But the C.R.A.D.L.E. task force is hot on their trail, and there's a spy in their midst...

Eve L. Ewing (IRONHEART, OUTLAWED) and Simone Di Meo (IMMORTAL HULK: THE BEST DEFENSE and VENOM: ACTS OF EVIL) team up for a dramatic new era of Champions that will define Marvel's teen heroes for years to come!

Rated T - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale April 8th

Below are cards from the Marvel Collect series. These cards are not physical cards but were available in a digital format only for the Topps Marvel Collect application.

Classic Wave 1
Classic Wave 1 - Base Card
Base Card
Classic Wave 1 - Sepia Card
Sepia Card
Heroes Of NY
Heroes of New York
Nova Card

Marvel 80th Anniversary
Marvel 80th Anniversary Card #37
Card #37
Cosmic Entities
Cosmic Entities
Nova Card
2019 Base Series 1
Wheel Pink
Pink Base

Orange Base
Tier 7
Tier 7 Base
Secret Identities
Secret Identities
Digital Tilt Card

Decades 2010s
Decades 2010s
Gold Card
Nova #4
Editor's Choice
Editor's Choice
Nova Card

Maximum Power
Maximum Power
Motion Card
Team Ups
Team Ups Series 2
Series 2 Card
Outlawed Nova
Nova Card

Comic Book Day
Comic Book Day Outlawed #1
Outlawed #1 Gold Card
Secret Avengers
Secret Avengers Blue
Blue Nova Card
Secret Avengers Red
Red Nova Card


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