Infinity Gauntlet Marvel Select HC Infinity Gauntlet Marvel Select HC - Written by Jim Starlin. Art by George Perez & Ron Lim. Cover by George Perez.

For the dark Titan, Thanos, the Infinity Gauntlet was the Holy Grail - the ultimate prize to be coveted above all else.

With it came omnipotence: absolute control of all aspects of time, space, power, reality, the mind and the soul. But his gaining of supreme might meant the beginning of a dark nightmare for the entire universe.

Now, on the edge of Armageddon and led by the mysterious Adam Warlock, Earth's super heroes join in a desperate attempt to thwart this nihilistic god's insane plunge into galactic self-destruction.

Should the heroes fail, the astral gods of the universe wait to step into the fray. But in such an awesome cosmic conflict, will anyone survive?

It's one of the greatest blockbusters of all, from cosmic maestro Jim Starlin, the legendary George Perez and fan-favorite Ron Lim!


Rated T - 256 pgs./$29.99 - On Sale July 1st

What If? Classic: The Complete Collection Vol. 4 TPB What If? Classic: The Complete Collection Vol. 4 TPB - Written by John Byrne, Bill Mantlo, Tom DeFalco, Alan Weiss, David Anthony Kraft, David Michelinie, Rich Margopoulos, Alan Kupperberg, Alan Zelenetz, Peter B. Gillis & Mark Gruenwald. Art by John Byrne, Mike Vosburg, Arvell Jones, Alan Weiss, Paty Cockrum, Dan Reed, Alan Kupperberg, Ron Wilson, Butch Guice, Marc Silvestri, Ron Frenz, Bob Hall, Mark Gruenwald, Sal Buscema & Kelley Jones. Cover by Michael Golden.

More alternate-reality questions are answered!

Imagine a world where the Fantastic Four never gained their powers - or one where Stephen Strange never became Master of the Mystic Arts!

Consider the fates of the Thing and the Beast if they continued to mutate - or Spider-Man if Uncle Ben had lived!

Picture Conan the Barbarian meeting Thor - or finding himself stranded in the 20th century for good!

The Hulk goes berserk, Susan Richards dies in childbirth, Nova makes a life-changing decision and Galactus turns the Silver Surfer back into Norrin Radd!

But what if Loki had found Mjolnir before his brother - and what if the Marvel Universe ceased to exist?!

Plus: Thought-provoking tales featuring Daredevil, the Sub-Mariner, the Avengers and more!

Collecting WHAT IF? (1977) #36-47.

Rated T - 488 pgs./$39.99 - On Sale July 1st

Guardians of the Galaxy #4 Guardians of the Galaxy #4 - Written by Al Ewing. Art by Juann Cabal. Cover by Ivan Shavrin. Marvel Zombies Variant Cover by Mico Suayan.

The true Guardians have formed at long last - and their first mission is to defend a vital energy pipeline from a gang of unscrupulous ecoterrorists...

...including a rogue Nova, Moondragon's otherdimensional doppelganger, and a raccoon in a suit. And if you think you know where that's going... remember one thing.

This is the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. It can always get worse.

Rated T+ - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale July 15th

Annihilation Scourge Omega #1
Release Date: December 18, 2019
Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Manuel Garcia
Inkers: Rafael Fonteriz, Cam Smith,
Wayne Faucher & Manuel Garcia
Letterer: VC - Cory Petit
Colorists: Federico Blee, Rachelle
Rosenberg & Erick Arciniega
Assistant Editor: Lauren Amaro
Editor: Darren Shan
Cover Artist: Josemaria Casanovas
Variant Cover: Arthur Adams

Note: Omega takes place following the events between Alpha and Omega. They took place in AS: Fantastic Four, AS: Nova, AS: Beta Ray Bill, and AS: Silver Surfer.

The Fantastic Four is in the Negative Zone and discovers Beta Ray Bill's hammer Stormbreaker. The hammer is surrounded by a number of Cancerverse infected aliens. Human Torch blasts them away from the hammer, Beta Ray Bill and Lockjaw. Johnny Storm and his FF teammate, the Thing, join up with Bill and the Inhuman to fight the oncoming invaders.

With the threat temporarily halted, Ben Grimm introduces Beta Ray Bill to the other member of their group. Bill mistakenly believes him to be the Sentry until Ben explains the situation. The Thing reveals the good half of the Sentry, Bob Reynolds, has joined forms with the Silver Surfer to become a being Ben Grimm nicknamed Silver Sentry.

The group blasts a path through their enemy to allow Bill time to grab Stormbreaker. Beta Ray Bill is restored to his Thor form!

A short time later, the group arrives at Prison 42. The entire planet has been rendered invisible by the Invisible Woman but Johnny Storm isn't sure how much longer she can keep the force field up. He also reveals they haven't been able to figure out a plan to stop the invasion yet.

Beta discusses the war with Reed Richards until Annihilus interrupts to say how he wants the Fantastic Four gone as soon as possible. Reed tells Bill that he has been saying that for two months. His friend is confused about the statement and explains the FF has only been gone a day. Reed Richards informs Beta Ray Bill of the time difference in the Negative Zone.

Reed and Sue also educate BRB on the status of the dimensional portal Reed built in the Negative Zone years ago. It is badly damaged and the zone is centuries away from having the tools needed to fix it.

Suddenly, a large collision impacts the Invisible Woman's planetary shield! In orbit, Sentry's fist is the cause of the impact. He and his Cancerverse army have found the heroes!

The heroic group from the positive universe agree it is time for a final battle with Sentry and his forces. As the rest of the heroes prepare for the battle, Reed and Ben discuss what to do in case they are unable to stop their enemy. They agree the dimensional portal must be destroyed to prevent the Cancerverse from invading their universe.

As Mister Fantastic prepares to destroy the portal, it suddenly ignites into operation!

Stepping out of the light is Nova along with almost two dozen of his friends!

Susan Richards informs Rich that she can't hold the wall any longer. Richard Rider says she can let it go because this war ends now. With renewed vigor, the heroes launch their attack on the Cancerverse army!

The positive universe team is holding their extra-dimensional foes back until Sentry begins fighting them. His entry into the battle allows some Cancerverse ships to get to the planet's surface. As they arrive, the Thing leads the remaining heroes into the fight. He begins by hitting the infected Blastaar.

Behind the Thing's group, the Invisible Woman protects the Negative Zone's refugees with a force field as Sam Alexander Nova and the others fight on.

Back in the planet's atmosphere, Richard Rider Nova notices the Silver Sentry hasn't entered the fight. The former Silver Surfer explains he is concerned what will happens if he engages in battle with Sentry. The half of him which was Robert Reynolds is being mentally pulled by his other half, the Void, which is in Sentry. Nova tells his friend that merging Bob back with Void/Sentry could give them a fighting chance. Silver Sentry agrees.

As Rich races towards to contain Sentry long enough for his plan to put in motion, he orders every hero to grab and hold onto their enemy. As some of the strongest heroes in the positive universe barely contain Sentry, the Silver Sentry rushes at his counterpart and collides into him at full force!

The two halves of Sentry, Robert Reynolds and the Void, merge back into a single being once more! The Silver Surfer is also back to his previous form!

The restored Sentry informs the heroes he no longer wishes to fight. However, Beta Ray Bill notices the Cancerverse forces are still attacking the planet. Sentry reveals that he was never truly their leader. When he first came to the Negative Zone, the explosion which tore him into the two halves of Void and Reynolds opened a hole into the Cancerverse.

The former foe further explains that the Many Angled Ones want one thing; the return of Richard Rider to the Cancerverse. He was able to escape being infected once and they are determined to bring him back.

As the heroes group together to protect Richard Rider Nova, Firestar notices that Rich has disappeared.

They realize Rich is flying towards the Cancerverse forces so they will abandon their attack on the planet and follow him into space. As Nova races through the Negative Zone, the Silver Surfer is the only one fast enough to catch up to him. Surfer informs Rich Rider that he knows the location of the Cancerverse entry point.

The two heroes approach a massive tear in space. The Silver Surfer explains it is the bridge between the Cancerverse and the Negative Zone and can be closed if Nova flies through it into the Cancerverse.

Rich Rider is hesitant due to his past experience in the other dimension. The Surfer reminds him that most men wouldn't be willing to sacrifice themselves so others can live but Richard Rider is not most men.

The forces of the Cancerverse finally catch up to Nova and begin attempting to take over his body. Rich allows them to go inside of himself knowing what must be done. The other heroes use their powers to hold Rich's body together until the entire force is contained inside of their fellow hero.

Rich looks to Sentry who unleashes a powerful eyeblast which destroys the human rocket's body along with the Cancerverse infection. Sentry explains to the angry heroes that it's what Nova wanted and knew it was the only way to stop their foe.

Rich Rider's sacrifice causes the Many-Angled Ones to scream out in pure rage as the tear in space collapses!

Back on Prison 42, Reed Richards is able to repair the dimensional portal and the heroes return to the positive universe. The Sentry chooses to remain in the Negative Zone to guard the area in space where the Cancerverse broke through in order to insure it does not open again.

Back on Earth, the heroes honor Richard Rider Nova's sacrifice with a drink in his name.

However, in the Negative Zone, Silver Surfer watches over Annihilus as he completes a procedure on a fallen corpse. Suddenly, Richard Rider sits up alive!

Annihilus explains to the resurrected hero that he has used the technology of the Negative Zone to bring him back from the dead. He now considers his debt to Nova paid and orders them out of his dimension.


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