Champions #10 Champions #10 - Written by Danny Lore. Art by Luciano Vecchio. Cover by Toni Infante.


The Champions win a major victory over Roxxon - only to discover a much deadlier threat waiting in the wings!

Can they win against vicious machines engineered to predict their every move?

Or is it the end of the line for our young heroes?

Rated T+ - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale October 6th

Marvel's Voices: Comunidades #1 Marvel's Voices: Comunidades #1 - Written by Daniel Jose Older, Karla Pacheco, Terry Blas, Juan Ponce, Leonardo Romero & Edgar Delgado. Art by Enid Balam, Vanesa del Rey, Adriana Melo, Leonardo Romero, Nico Leon & Alitha E. Martinez. Cover by Joe Quesada.


Spider-Man! White Tiger! Ghost Rider! And so many more heroes get their moment in the sun as new and fan-favorite creators continue to expand the world outside your window in MARVEL'S VOICES: COMUNIDADES (Community)!

Featuring an introduction by renowned scholar Frederick Luis Aldama! PLUS, an all-new hero takes the stage in a whirlwind adventure you won't want to miss.

Rated T+ - 96 pgs./$9.99 - On Sale November 10th

Guardians of the Galaxy #18 Guardians of the Galaxy by Al Ewing Vol. 3: We're Super Heroes TPB - Written by Al Ewing. Art by Juann Cabal & Juan Frigeri. Cover by Brett Booth.

A new age of space starts here!

They were soldiers, misfits, mercenaries, thieves and a family. They were heroes - but times have changed.

The galaxy no longer needs heroes. It needs super heroes!

Now when the call goes forth - whether it's from a stranded team of planetary explorers or Emperor Hulkling himself - the Guardians of the Galaxy answer!

As half the team defends the Kree/Skrull Throneworld against a deadlier threat than they've ever faced before, the other half investigates a terrifying sacrificial cult on a mysterious planet - with the power to plunge the universe into war!

New headquarters! New costumes! New teammates! An all-new enemy you'll have to see to believe! And a whole cosmos of trouble!

Get on board, True Believer - it's going to be the ride of your life!

Collecting GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2020) #13-18.

Rated T+ - 144 pgs./$17.99 - On Sale November 17th

The Alter-Nova database includes information on various versions of Nova from alternate universes. Data includes information on the character, a summary of their career and issue appearances.

Alter Ego: Nova
True Name: Helen Taylor
Created By: Writer: Marv Wolfman; Art Team: Walt Simonson, Bob Wiacek
1st Appearance: What If? 15 v1
Other Appearances: None
Enemies: Willie DuBrow, Kingpin, Fantastic Four

Helen Taylor was walking with her husband, Frank, when they were robbed by a petty thief named Willie DuBrow. DuBrow stabbed and murdered Frank Taylor but left Helen alive. DuBrow escaped into the night. Months later, Helen was standing at her husband's grave and prayed for a way to find Frank's killer.

At that moment, the Nova Force sent by the dying Rhomann Dey struck Helen Taylor! She was reborn as Nova and began her quest for vengence! However, her desire for justice was not tempered with a moral responsibility. Although she started by simply beating and capturing criminals, Nova soon began killing criminals such as the Kingpin who did not have information on her husband's killer. She simply shrugged when innocent people died in the process and regarded them as casualties of war.

Soon, the government asked the Fantastic Four to stop her rampage and they answered the call. Nova was subdued by the Invisible Girl's airtight bubble (Helen Taylor either didn't know about her suit's self-contained air supply or it simply didn't exist in this universe's version). After discussing their options with the President of the United States, Reed Richards decided to exile Nova into the Negative Zone. She would remain there until a cure could be found for her madness.

Ironically, at the same time, the police were busy pulling a car out of the waters of Long Island Sound. Inside the car was Willie DuBrow and he had been dead for months. During his escape on the night he murdered Frank Taylor, DuBrow lost control of his car, plunged into the Sound and drowned.

Alter Ego: Black Nova
True Name: Jesse
Created By: Writer: Marv Wolfman; Art Team: Carmine Infantino, Springer
1st Appearance: What If? 15 v1
Other Appearances: None
Enemies: Skrulls

Jesse was a homeless boy who had been given the Nova powers but had chosen to never use them. This alternate Earth had no super-heroes and, therefore, no one to inspire others with powers to become heroes.

On Christmas Eve, Jesse went to an orphanage seeking a place to stay in exchange for doing odd jobs for them. The orphanage owner, Catherine, agrees and Jesse begins to help take care of the children.

Meanwhile, in Earth orbit, a fleet of spaceships containing the shape-changing Skrulls has decided to begin an invasion of a defenseless Earth. However, they detect the Nova Force and decide to eliminate the source before their invasion begins. The ship lands at the orphanage and a battle begins between Jesse and the Skrulls.

During the battle, Jesse takes a full blast from a Skrull Demoleculizer. His clothes are shredded but he is unhurt. Jesse puts on the Nova uniform that he has been keeping in his backpack ever since he received the Nova Force. As the battle continues, Nova allows a Skrull named Sarakar (who is in the form of a snake) to encircle him. Nova fakes being squeezed unconscious in order to take the battle away from the orphanage.

Once in Earth orbit, Nova realizes that he is on the lead ship of the invasion fleet. He realizes that if he stops the ship, the rest of the fleet will retreat. Selflessly, Jesse flies straight into the ship's control console and destroys the ship, and himself, in a massive explosion.

Back on Earth, Catherine and the children see the explosion and sense that a miracle has happened. They also sense that somehow Jesse has given them all a reason to celebrate Christmas.

Alter Ego: None Stated
True Name: Peter Parker
Created By: Writer: Marv Wolfman; Art Team: Ross Andru, Bob Giacoia
1st Appearance: What If? 15 v1
Other Appearances: None
Enemies: Burglar

During a lab demonstration of radioactivity, Peter Parker is bitten by a spider who had become accidentally bombarded with radiation. Unlike the events of the mainstream Marvel Universe, Parker did not become Spider-Man. He was subjected to a higher dose of radiation and was near death. While Peter was being saved with a radiation control unit built by Stark Industries, his aunt May suffered a fatal heart attack and died.

Although Peter's life was saved, he was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. His paralysis and loss of Aunt May turned Peter Parker into a bitter and solitary young man who focused only on his schoolwork.

While working in his lab, Peter Parker was struck by the Nova Force and given the powers of Nova. Along with those powers, he regained the use of his legs! Peter began testing his new powers and he was determined to use his powers for good. While flying home, he found a burglar breaking into the Parker household. Nova flew through the wall just in time to deflect a bullet which the burglar had shot at Peter's Uncle Ben.

The bullet deflected off of Peter and killed the burglar. Although it was an accident and he had saved Uncle Ben, Peter blamed himself for the death. He vowed never to use the Nova powers again fearing that others would die because of him.

Alter Ego: Nova
True Name: None Stated
Created By: Writer: Marv Wolfman; Art Team: George Perez, Tom Palmer
1st Appearance: What If? 15 v1
Other Appearances: None (However, he may have been the evil Nova in Avengers Forever)
Enemies: All of Earth's super-heroes, Red Skull, Sphinx and Dr. Doom

In this tragic universe, the Nova Force was given to an evil man who used his powers to rule the Earth. Teaming up with Dr. Doom, the Red Skull and the Sphinx, Nova used the Nova Prime Starship and Computer Prime to destroy all of Earth's super-heroes with ease.

Afterwards, the villains began to turn on each other in order to be the sole ruler of the planet. Dr. Doom attacked Nova and the two exchanged blows. During the battle, the Red Skull destroyed Doom's mind with an energy weapon. The Red Skull and Nova continued the battle for dominance until the Red Skull was disintegrated by the Sphinx!

Nova and the Sphinx began the final confrontation to control the Earth. Eventually, the Sphinx blasted Nova into a pile of ashes. However, the Sphinx was not interested in controlling the Earth but was searching for the human who had the secret knowledge to end his existence. Ironically, he would never know that he had killed that human when he evaporated Nova!

Alter Ego: Nova
True Name: Richard Rider
Created By: Writer: Fabian Nicieza (This Earth's Nova and Richard Rider); Artist: Mark Bagley
1st Appearance: New Warriors #11
Other Appearances: New Warriors #12, #13
Enemies: Sphinx, Lady Sphinx

The Earth of 9105 was created by Lady Sphinx in order to be with her true love, the Sphinx, and rule the Earth together. Using the power of the Ka Stone, she altered Earth's history to reflect Egypt's global domination under their guidance. To protect herself from the Mutant Liberation Front, the Lady Sphinx created a team of Avengers. Nova was a member of this team.

However, Richard Rider began to sense something was wrong. He was shown the Earth as it should be by the Sphinx's companion, Sayge. After his meeting with the mysterious being, Nova forced the Lady Sphinx to restore the Earth by threatening her cat's life. The cat was her one last link to the Sphinx and valued it more than anything else.

Earth 9105 ceased to exist upon the restoration of Earth 616.

Alter Ego: Nova, M2 Nova
True Name: Rich Rider
Created By: Writer: Tom DeFalco (based on Marv Wolfman's original Nova); Artist: Ron Frenz
1st Appearance: Spider-Girl #7
Other Spider-Girl Appearances: Annual #1 ('99), #16, #25, #26, #27, #29, #30, #31 (text only), #32, #42, #47 (text only), #57 (text only), #58, #59, #60 (text only), #86, #87, #88 / Last Hero Standing #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 / Last Planet Standing #1, #2, #3, #4 (cover) / Avengers Next #2, #4, #5 / Last Amazing Spider-Girl #15 / American Dream #4
Enemies: Spider-Girl (misunderstanding, later became ally), unnamed agent of Tony Stark, Golden Goblin (mistaken for Green Goblin), Seth and the Soldiers of the Serpent

Richard Rider appears frequently in the Spider-Girl series, which is set in an alternate future. The MC2 Nova (co-created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz) first appeared in Spider-Girl #7 and wrongly believed Spider-Girl was a super-villain since she was fighting Darkdevil at the time. After a brief battle, Nova would later realize his mistake.

Over time, the MC2 Nova has attempted to tutor and lecture Spider-Girl on the importance of being a super-hero. However, his arrogance and lack of patience with younger heroes causes his lessons to be largely ignored. However, the fact that Nova was a founding member of the New Warriors gave Spider-Girl the inspiration to form a new MC2 version of the Warriors.

During the series, Nova served as a temporary Avenger. He also appeared in the Last Hero Standing and within the Avengers Next limited series. Nova also assisted in the battle against Galactus in Last Planet Standing. The Nova in the MC2/Spider-Girl future is eventually confirmed to be Richard Rider in Avengers Next #2. His attitude toward Spider-Girl began as dismissive but he later became impressed with her after she survived a battle against the Avengers' enemy Seth.

The MC2 Nova uniform closely resembles the original Centurion Nova Prime uniform worn by Rhomann Dey (the Xandarian who gave Rich Rider his powers) and worn by Rider during Nova's first and third series. The only difference is the original three starburst configuration has been changed into a single large starburst. The single starburst is similar to the starburst on the back of the original Nova uniform.

The MC2 Nova has his headquarters located onboard the Nova Prime Starship. The starship resembles the ship used by Rhomann Dey to pursue Xandar's destroyer, Zorr, to Earth and later used by Nova to fight the Skrulls during the Skrull/Xandar War. Whether this is the same starship as Dey's or a new one based on the original design is unknown. The MC2 Rich Rider uses the Nova Prime Starship to monitor Earthbound threats from space.

Alter Ego: Nova 0:0
True Name: Robert Rider
Created By: Writer: Fabian Nicieza (Nova 0:0 and this Earth's Robert Rider); Artist: Chris Marrinan
1st Appearance: Nova #4 v2
Other Nova 0:0 Appearances: Nova #12 v2, #15 v2, #16 v2
Enemies: The Inhumans, Aakons

Nova 0:0 was the Centurion Nova Prime of an alternate universe in which his planet Earth was destroyed by the force called Deathstorm. He came to Nova's universe in order to help prevent the same events from happening to Rich Rider. After training Nova how to better use his powers to stop Deathstorm, Nova 0:0 fell in battle saving Nova from a Molecular Disruptor Gun. Before he died, Nova 00 revealed he was his universe's version of Robert Rider, Rich Rider's brother. In his universe, he had received the Nova force instead of Rich Rider.

Nova 0:0 was capable of using the Nova Force in ways Nova hasn't learn yet. He could generate an Electromagnetic Static Burst which could halt an opponent's motion relative to the rotation of the Earth. This resulted in the opponent being hurled a great distance. Nova 0:0 could also cause a seismic ripple by tightly directing the Nova Force into the ground.

Alter Ego: Nova
True Name: Richard Rider
Created By: Writer: Fabian Nicieza (This Earth's Nova and Robert Rider); Artist: Chris Marrinan
1st Appearance: Nova #6 v2
Other Appearances: Nova #7 v2
Enemies: Deathstorm

The Nova of this Earth was a Richard Rider who never had given up his Nova powers following the Skrull/Xandar War. He had become a highly accomplished hero and was a member of his Earth's Avengers.

During a time when the Nova of Earth 616 was sent into this Earth's universe, the resident Nova helped train Richard Rider to better use his powers including the method to combine many of his uniform's many options to create a StarGate in order to return to the 616 universe.

Alter Ego: Nova
True Name: Richard Rider
Created By: Writer: Mark Millar (This Earth's Nova)
1st Appearance: Ultimate Fantastic Four #23
Other Appearances: Marvel Zombies #1, #2, #3, Marvel Zombies - Dead Days, Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness #5, Marvel Zombies Return #5
Enemies: Originally - Zombies, Later - Hunger

Earth 2149 was an Earth infected by a plague which turned humans, even superpowered ones, into zombies. The Nova of this Earth was a member of the zombie resistance organized by Earth 2149's Nick Fury.

During a battle with zombies, Richard Rider is infected and becomes one of the undead. Nova is later incapacitated by Earth 2149's Silver Surfer as he and a number of heroes attempt to eat the herald and his power cosmic energy.

Alter Ego: Nova
True Name: Rael Rider
Created By: Writer: Dan Abnett; Artist: Gerardo Sandoval
1st Appearance: Guardians 3000 #3
Other Appearances: Guardians 3000 #4, #5
Enemies: Galactus

Rael Rider is from an alternate future. She is a relative of Richard Rider and has been a Nova Centurion for over two hundred years.

Due to some future event, Rael Rider is the sole remaining member of the Nova Corps and has access to only 2 percent of the Nova Force.

Alter Ego: Nova Family
True Names: Menzin Bakian, Eve Bakian, Anwen Bakian, Fayne Bakian, ZigZag
Created By: Writers: Gerry Duggan and Dustin Weaver; Artist: Dustin Weaver
1st Appearance: Secret Wars #2
Other Appearances: Infinity Gauntlet #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
Enemies: Annihilus, Annihilation Wave, Thanos

The Bakian family reside on an Earth where the Annihilation Wave had conquered the universe. The conqueror renamed Earth as New Xandar. New Xandar was later taken from its universe by Dr. Doom and used as a section of his Battleworld.

Eve Bakian was a member of their universe's Nova Corps. After a number of years missing, Eve returned to find her family. She used Xandarian technology in the form of Nova Stars to give her family and their dog the power of the Nova Force.

Together, they were able to collect the Infinity Stones and destroy their universe's version of Thanos.

Alter Ego: Centurion Jonathan Storm
True Name: Johnny Storm
Created By: Writer: Ryan Cady; Artist: Stephen Byrne
1st Appearance: Heroes Reborn: Hyperion & The Imperial Guard #1
Enemies: Shi'Ar Emperor D'Ken The Mad

Centurion Storm was a member of the Nova Corps. He assisted the Majestrix-In-Exile Lilandra Neramani as she seeked allies to help her overthrown her brother Emperor D'Ken The Mad.

Johnny Storm reached out to the Starjammers as part of his recruiting efforts.

Alter Ego: Kid Spectrum
True Name: Sam Alexander
Created By: Writer: Jim Zub; Artist: Steven Cummings
1st Appearance: Heroes Reborn: Young Squadron #1
Enemies: Deadpool, Squadron Supreme

Sam Alexander helped the Squadron Supreme's Doctor Spectrum in his battle with M.O.D.A.C. and briefly held Spectrum's Prism.

Exposure to gem gave Sam the powers of flight and energy blasts. He took the name of Kid Spectrum and became Dr. Spectrum's sidekick.

Kid Spectrum joined fellow heroes Girl Power and Falcon to become Young Squadron. They later renamed their team the Champions after becoming disillusioned with the Squadron Supreme.

Earth 691's Nova was killed during the Martian invasion of Earth.

The Nova of Earth 1298 was part of a group of heroes attempting to defeat the Beyonder. The 1298 Nova was killed during the battle.

Appearance: Mutant X Annual 2001

Earth 9997's Nova was one of the Realm Mar-Vell, a group of three heroes, chosen to help destroy Death. By entering the Negative Zone, Nova could pass into the Realm of Death in order to recruit the souls of dead super-heroes to help in the cause.

Appearances: Universe X: #0, #2, #3, #6, #9, #10, #12, X

The Nova of this Earth never gave up the Nova powers and fled Xandar to go back to Earth. He was pursued by the Champions of Xandar. After an intense battle, Rich Rider realized his selfishness and voluntarily gave his powers back to the Protector who passed them onto a new Nova.

Appearance: What If? #36 v1

The Nova of Earth 9200 was one of many heroes murdered by the Maestro (an evil version of the Hulk). Nova's helmet was kept by the Rick Jones of Earth 9200 along with relics of many other fallen heroes.

Appearances: Incredible Hulk - Future Imperfect #1, Exiles #79

The Annihilus of this universe appears to have gained the Nova Force at some point (most likely during that universe's Annihilation War). Nova Annihilus became a member of Immortus's Infinity Watch.

Appearance: Uncanny Avengers #22 v1

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