Guardians of the Galaxy #10 Guardians of the Galaxy #10 - Written by Al Ewing. Art by Juan Cabal. Cover by Rafael Albuquerque. Marvel vs Alien Variant Cover by Pepe Larraz.


KNULL and his dragons are cleansing entire worlds of life. SPARTAX is their next target - and the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY can't save it alone.

It's a good day for the return of the legendary STAR-LORD...

Meanwhile, as the team battle cosmic horror, something worse is waiting - as the clock ticks down to the Last Stand in...


Rated T+ - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale December 9th

Champions #4 Champions #4 (of 5) - Written by Eve L. Ewing. Art by Bob Quinn. Cover by Toni Infante. Black History Month Variant Cover by Emanda Souza.

Guest-Starring CYCLOPS and the MARAUDERS!


NOVA, IRONHEART, MILES and MS. MARVEL have narrowly escaped C.R.A.D.L.E. for now with the help of their old teammate, but it's out of the frying pan and into the...ocean..

Rated T - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale February 17th

Guardians of the Galaxy #11 Guardians of the Galaxy #11 - Written by Al Ewing. Art by Juan Cabal. Cover by Rafael Albuquerque. Variant Cover by David Finch.


The Olympian gods are returning to our universe - and they're taking their exile at Peter Quill's hands very personally.

To stop them, the Guardians return to the place the team was born... but will facing their past in the Annihilation War help them survive their future?

Everything changes in TWO...

Rated T+ - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale February 17th

The members of the Nova Corps were once the protectors of peace and order in the universe. But then the Annihilation War destroyed them - all except one. Richard Rider became one of the universe's greatest heroes. Later, Sam Alexander discovered the helmet and the legacy of his father Jesse Alexander - a former member of the secret Black Novas. Together, the two heroes continue their journeys as...

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